Is The 10 Minute Millionaire A Legit Program?

Many people are always searching for ways to be able to make that extra money online.

If you are one of those people, there is a high chance that you may have already come across 10-minute millionaire, an investment program.

For others, they may have been approached to consider joining this get rich quick scheme or maybe you’re researching on Google like many are. I’ve done my research and looked at all the reviews.

The majority were completely biased and I noticed the websites reviewing the program were owned by the same people that actually run the program, it doesn’t mean it’s a scam but it’s hard to get an honest opinion.

This is one of few real reviews (10 Minute Millionaire review by but the rest are questionable.

Since the 10 Minute Millionaire program continues to generate a lot of hype online, it is only normal that you may be interested in understanding more about the program.

Is it a legitimate way of making money or is just another scam?

Because you want to know the full details about the product, this means that you are in the right place.

I must state in advance that this is my honest review and I have spent a considerable amount of time to gather this detailed information concerning 10 Minute Millionaire.

Hopefully, you may use this review to help inform your decision whether the program is legit or not.

Who Is The Founder/Creator Of 10 Minute Millionaire?

The product is a brainchild of D.R. Barton. The product is one of the many investment products provided by Money Map Press to its investors and customers.

The Money Map Press is an investment agency/website and D.R. Barton serves in its team of claimed investment experts.

According to the Money Map Press website, D.R. Barton used to work as a chemical engineer for DuPont.

He would later abandon that highly successful career and pursue his passion for showing potential investors like you how to achieve financial freedom.

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Within the stock trading industry, it is claimed D.R. Barton is a trading professional who is widely recognized.

D.R. Barton has a trading experience lasting more than 30 years. As aB.S. (Chemical Engineering) and MBA graduate from Virginia Tech and the University of Delaware respectively, and considering his work history, it is very hard to justify the possibility of him being a scam artist.

That does not mean that I endorse his product.

How Does The 10 Minute Millionaire Work?

This investment educational program is offered online by its provider, D.R. Barton.

The program it is claimed furnishes its users with information on how to perform different trades series in about 10 minutes to help you earn big.

The program, it is claimed, covers different trading areas and therefore, you have various options to be able to be successful in the trading venture.

The program is said to have taken several years to be developed by D.R. Barton. Out of the available numerous investment opportunities, D.R. Barton came up with a plan that is actionable and can be applied by anybody to be a trading success. 

To access the program, you have to be a subscriber. The whole package of the program including various guides and materials such as Ultimate Tax Secrets and Personal Income Ledger will cost you around $79, just for the start.

You will be referred to investment brokers from where you can make your money. It should also be appreciated that is where the risk of you losing your money is the highest.

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Is The 10 Minute Millionaire Scam?

I would not go as far as saying that this program is either a scam or legit. What though I can say, without fear of contradiction, is that this program uses an unrealistic name and its sales materials extremely hypes it up and I consider this to be unethical.

I must strongly point out the fact that it is not possible for you to simply buy 10-minute millionaire and within 10 minutes become a millionaire.

You have to be realistic and understand in advance that for you to earn money; if possible, you have to risk your money.

The provided trading recommendations are not guaranteed to earn you money and make you a millionaire.

In conclusion, some of the claimed pros of the product include instructions that are easy to follow, a newsletter with the latest information, and suitable for traders or investors of different experience levels.

As for the cons of the program, the creator of the program is followed by a trail of complaints online. D.R. Barton Jr. is also connected with Stealth Profits Trader, another program which promises to offer you considerable earnings.

From my observation, Stealth Profits Trader serves as just another marketing platform for 10 Minute Millionaire.

Traders have always complained about the refund policy of the program.

Considering all things, I would recommend that you use other known and legitimate ways of making money online. That does not mean that this educational program for stock trading is not genuine or legit.

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What In The World Are Federal Rent Checks? Good or Bad?

Federal Rent Checks have kicked up a huge controversy over misleading and controversial claims that people can start receiving $1759 or more a month through government checks by simply signing up the program.

In a time when there are indeed some credible and successful passive income models, the idea of Federal Rent Checks initially sounds like the affiliate marketing but it is not even that.

The premise of Federal Rent Checks is based on the assumption that people signing up for this program would make enough investments in real estate companies and REITs recommended by Money Map Press, the company behind Federal Rent Checks, to earn a minimum dividend of $1795 per month.

This program was introduced to the public through a video posted on the company’s website.

The Man behind Federal Rent Checks

Federal Rent Checks are a brainchild of Mr. D.R. Barton, who in the video explain the details, or rather lack of it, of the program. According to the Money Map Press website, Mr. Barton is a top-notch investment consultant who has worked extensively in the area of technical trading for nearly 3 decades.

It also claims that Mr. Barton has been a best-selling author and commentator on investment and financial matters on premier TV news channels.

The company describes the role of Mr. Barton in the company as that of a financial advisor. Money Map Press has been in the business of providing investment consultancy to its members through a slew of newsletters that it prepares on different technical sectors such as cryptocurrency.

How does it Work?

There is a significant gap in what the product claims to achieve for its subscribers and what it can actually do.

While the scope of the program is limited to providing a list of companies in which the subscribers can make an investment, it sounds as if the subscribers are going to earn the money without doing anything.

The program envisages providing the subscribers with The 10-Minute Millionaire Insider newsletter, which will contain a list of real estate companies and REITs where investors can invest their money.

Mr. Burton’s claim is that the government has an accumulated budget of $11.1 billion to pay the rent of thousands of buildings and real estate its agencies have rented from the owners. Looking at the easy cash flow, it makes sense to invest in these real estate entities.

Is it legit?

Though many reviews have called it a scam in the clearest language possible, the idea of Federal Rent Checks may not amount to an open and shut case of fraud.

It is actually a marketing stunt, a sort of a gimmick, to lure people towards the newsletters that the company sells. The subscribers, by default, have an intrinsic interest in investment options. And, by signing up the Federal Rent Checks program, you are going to receive regular information from the company on the investment opportunities that exist; it is their primary business.

Now, if you are able to earn enough dividends through investments based on the company’s recommendation or not depends on the size of your investment and the market condition. All like investments, your decision to invest your money in the companies listed in The 10-Minute Millionaire Insider newsletter will have all the typical associated risks.

Bottom line

Though Federal Rent Checks may sound like a scam, it is not really one, for the simple fact that the company restricts its involvement in your investment decisions only to providing insights, strategies, facts and information, and a list of companies in a certain niche in the broader real estate sector.

It does not intend to make any money on your investment in the companies recommended by it. However, the idea of Federal Rent Checks is not so noble either. By creating a large picture of the investment opportunities, Money Map Press is only trying to increase the subscription of its newsletters.

The video put out by the company is undoubtedly a marketing stunt to boost the company’s investment consultancy business. If you are one among thousands of people who have watched the Federal Rent Checks video and are curious to know how you can get the first such check, you are advised not to fall prey to their unethical marketing gimmicks.