What In The World Are Federal Rent Checks? Good or Bad?

Federal Rent Checks have kicked up a huge controversy over misleading and controversial claims that people can start receiving $1759 or more a month through government checks by simply signing up the program.

In a time when there are indeed some credible and successful passive income models, the idea of Federal Rent Checks initially sounds like the affiliate marketing but it is not even that.

The premise of Federal Rent Checks is based on the assumption that people signing up for this program would make enough investments in real estate companies and REITs recommended by Money Map Press, the company behind Federal Rent Checks, to earn a minimum dividend of $1795 per month.

This program was introduced to the public through a video posted on the company’s website.

The Man behind Federal Rent Checks

Federal Rent Checks are a brainchild of Mr. D.R. Barton, who in the video explain the details, or rather lack of it, of the program. According to the Money Map Press website, Mr. Barton is a top-notch investment consultant who has worked extensively in the area of technical trading for nearly 3 decades.

It also claims that Mr. Barton has been a best-selling author and commentator on investment and financial matters on premier TV news channels.

The company describes the role of Mr. Barton in the company as that of a financial advisor. Money Map Press has been in the business of providing investment consultancy to its members through a slew of newsletters that it prepares on different technical sectors such as cryptocurrency.

How does it Work?

There is a significant gap in what the product claims to achieve for its subscribers and what it can actually do.

While the scope of the program is limited to providing a list of companies in which the subscribers can make an investment, it sounds as if the subscribers are going to earn the money without doing anything.

The program envisages providing the subscribers with The 10-Minute Millionaire Insider newsletter, which will contain a list of real estate companies and REITs where investors can invest their money.

Mr. Burton’s claim is that the government has an accumulated budget of $11.1 billion to pay the rent of thousands of buildings and real estate its agencies have rented from the owners. Looking at the easy cash flow, it makes sense to invest in these real estate entities.

Is it legit?

Though many reviews have called it a scam in the clearest language possible, the idea of Federal Rent Checks may not amount to an open and shut case of fraud.

It is actually a marketing stunt, a sort of a gimmick, to lure people towards the newsletters that the company sells. The subscribers, by default, have an intrinsic interest in investment options. And, by signing up the Federal Rent Checks program, you are going to receive regular information from the company on the investment opportunities that exist; it is their primary business.

Now, if you are able to earn enough dividends through investments based on the company’s recommendation or not depends on the size of your investment and the market condition. All like investments, your decision to invest your money in the companies listed in The 10-Minute Millionaire Insider newsletter will have all the typical associated risks.

Bottom line

Though Federal Rent Checks may sound like a scam, it is not really one, for the simple fact that the company restricts its involvement in your investment decisions only to providing insights, strategies, facts and information, and a list of companies in a certain niche in the broader real estate sector.

It does not intend to make any money on your investment in the companies recommended by it. However, the idea of Federal Rent Checks is not so noble either. By creating a large picture of the investment opportunities, Money Map Press is only trying to increase the subscription of its newsletters.

The video put out by the company is undoubtedly a marketing stunt to boost the company’s investment consultancy business. If you are one among thousands of people who have watched the Federal Rent Checks video and are curious to know how you can get the first such check, you are advised not to fall prey to their unethical marketing gimmicks.